Anneloes Gerdien van der Vinne (1993, Meppen) is an artist working in the fields of painting, drawing and fine metalworking. In her drawings, panels and her jewellery she expresses her fascination with natural evolution and emotions that occur in her daily life. She reflects this thinking throughout her whole body of work, inspired by the organic structures that surround us. She considers the potential growth for each object and uses her intuition to share the value of each one. 

Anneloes lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands

+31(0)6 11379135

continuously under construction


VINVINNE | Jewellery_Pieces | now

AADK_Spain | Blanca_Murcia_Spain | Artist_Residency | 2019   

School_of_Goldsmith | Vakschool_Schoonhoven | 2017_2019

Goldsmith_Course_Year | Vakschool_Schoonhoven | 2016 

Fashion_&_Branding | Amsterdam_Fashion_Institute | 2011_2016

Fashion_&_Visual_Culture | 2013

Fashion_Theories | 2015