Utrecht NL, May 27, 2020.

Dear all,

Today we launch the official website for Vinvinne. As the founder, I, Anneloes, would like to start with a personal note, and thank all the people who were part of the process of building Vinvinne. As I am writing this, I think of all the things that have happened on the way. In September 2019, I decided I wanted to create my own jewellery pieces and started on the first shapes that would eventually form a collection. My goal was to create a mix of pieces that have a similar base and character and represent my work as an artist, as well as a goldsmith.

What followed, was nine months of shaping ideas, precious metals, learning new techniques, adding parts, losing parts, writing, molding, finding words, curating images, looking back, looking forward, searching for a reference point, a taste, an outline and a name. Creating a brand is an intensive process, and all of this would have not been what it is now without the people that have helped me. Today, Vinvinne is a collection of 24 pieces divided over three series, based on the source, the journey and the crossroads.

I would like to welcome you at to find out more.

Thank you all,

Anneloes van der Vinne


Special thanks to:
Zana Josipovic [Second Brain & Brand Identity]
Adrienne van der Werf [Creative Word & Writing]
Jan-Pieter Karper [Authenticity Mark Design]
Sophie Holterman [Model & General Advisor ]
Hanneke Michel [Proofreader & Text Editor]


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