1/2 is a handmade set of earpieces, inspired by the interaction of organisms enfolding in time. The negative and positive shapes are seen as equal and are created through a natural line of thought. This organic flow of gestures results in these silver objects that look like they already existed. They just had to be found, made and now adjusted by you.Two unique objects that belong together but can also live apart.

25 x 65 x 01

sterling silver 925
0,0104 gr p mm3


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info & care
Product is made of sterling silver and handcrafted in The Netherlands. Do avoid contact with water and keep away from all sources of heat. 925 sterling silver is a relatively soft metal and should be handled and stored with care to avoid scratching and rubbing. Over time dents and scratches will slide into the surface. These are not considered a defect, but just a sign of normal wear and tear.